Is been next to the us an advantage or disadvantage for méxico?

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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2010
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Is been next to the US an advantage or disadvantage for México?
Would it be better to be away from the US?

For Mexico and the USA been neighboring countries is not an option it’s areality and taking the best advantage of it or not is up to both countries.

Nothing in life is entirely good or entirely bad; I think for Mexico having the USA so close from theeconomic stand point has been a clear advantage, and not just for Mexico, but for both countries.

For many years Mexico and the US have been main Business, Manufacturing and Trading Partners;We all know that the US is the most powerful economy in the world and they have the strength and market demand to buy Mexican Agricultural, Raw and Manufactured goods as no other countrywith which we may have trading relationships with, and they do so.

Talking about migration, the US attracts most migrating people than any other country in the world, and Mexico isone of the main migrants suppliers for them and not by choice, but simply because there has been more labor demand and better work opportunities for a lot of people not having these intheir Mexican home land, millions of Mexicans have found a better way of living in the USA, sadly there has been also a lot of people going from bad to worse migrating from Mexico to the US;but there will continue been people looking for the American dream. Some will definitely find it, some will just find an American Hell...!

As far as culture exchange, there is alwaysbeen a close contact within the two countries, there have been historic armed conflicts, Mexican territory loses, but still, at the end there has been a feeling of respect within theneighboring countries. It has always been a hate & love relationship sort of speak…

And as they say… “México, so far from God and to close to the USA…!!

Renee Eugenia
August 24th 2009
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