Is homework a good teaching method to all?

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A usual activity that teachers do with their students is to give homework as a teaching method . However, when the class assistant s are students and employees at the same time, thelast thing that they want to do is homework, mainly because they do not have time to do it, they need to attend their family and house shores and in addition the teacherssometimes give the homework feedback to their students too late, so in my opinion the homework could not always be a good strategic to get stronger the things that they learnin class.
When your unic occupation is studying the homework could sound as a Vivaldi concert to your ears, but if you are an employee the word homework could be one of theheisted words because you usually do not have time to do it. The main cause is the job activities or schedule. Frequently the people that works take classes after their jobs, sotime to do homework is really limited.
Family and homes shores is other reason that not allow the students to do the homework. Persons that study and work usually arrive home aftertheir job time and the classes, and at home there is a wife or a husband waiting for share the dinner, also the sons or dougthers want your help with their homework, but as ifit was not enough , the home shores like wash the dishes , clean the bathroom, map, or iron the clothes are imploring your attention. As a result you have the opportunity todo your own homework very late during the night.
In other hand -but not less important -, homework feedback is very important to the students, so when they do not receive anappropiated revision or it is much time latter, they lost the enthusiastic to do the homework because they are now reviewing a different subject or topic in the class, and in...
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