Is maggie typically hysterical, dissatisfied heroine who prostrates herself before those who don’t worth it?

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Is Maggie typically hysterical, dissatisfied heroine who prostrates herself before those who don’t worth it?
Cat on a hot tin roof is one of the most famous plays written by Tenessee Williams. Itwas published in the fifties and won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1955. The major conflict in this novel it starts with Big Daddy coming back home from the clinic on his 65th birthday, and hischildren are planning to tell him he is dying of cancer. Mae and Gooper have brought their children in an attempt to push out Brick and Maggie’s engagement and to indirectly convinced Daddy of their rightto be the heirs of his fortune. Their marriage is childless and on-the-rocks; Brick has quit his job and taken to drinking upon the death of Skipper, a friend for whom he harbored sexual desire.
Toanswer the question which leads this essay we first have to know which roles plays Maggie in the whole story and which is her aim in it. It’s certainly obvious that Maggie is one of the most importantcharacters because the same title Cat on a hot tin roof talks about her.
The play's cat, Maggie, is a hysterical, dissatisfied woman left prostrate before a brick of a man, Brick. Maggie feelscomplete alone due to Bricks refusal to recognize her desire. And this entire refusal makes her inclusively harder, nervous and she locks in her own world becoming each time more serious and tolerance.
Sheplays the role as woman who is constantly posing in the mirror. Maggie is perhaps the most fascinating character of the play. As Williams indicates, “she holds the audiences transfixed”. We canidentify her as a woman who lives desperate in her sense of lack, and bounded to a man who do not want her; she has to continue with this false marriage which doesn’t make sense and what she only wants isa bit more of attention from Brick. Against the indifferent Brick, the frantic Maggie literally begins to fall to pieces.
In contrast to the frantic Maggie, Brick would be located on the opposite...
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