Is e-commerce a new strategy for online business?

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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Today has been a most important advance on the internet, which has captivated a large number of customers who have entered into a cyber worldinitially attracted by a space which gives enough facilities to handle three very important words, as are marketing, commerce and business, of course electronic perspective, these have been graduallyintegrated over time; The involvement in this issue, we see as directly linked to technology and the evolution of times, which the author states in the book is pretty interesting as showing how the tradeissue has manifested itself step by step and now has three important flows, which are of information, money and products.

Electronic commerce is an issue that has been treated much especially incountries like USA, Canada, Italy, Germany and several countries are characterized by good economics, because it is a term already known worldwide, this can be seen immersed in globalization, as is theinteraction of sellers and consumers who may be located in different countries or even continents, thanks to the Internet but can apply the payment for products or services that vendors offer onlinepayments to be made online are very easy to do because the invention of the credit card, and delivery of product or service is the most complex but nevertheless this is true, thanks to largetransportation companies and distribution companies that exist worldwide.

Other topics that are related to e-commerce marketing and business, because through trade can be made online business andmarketing, which has been a breakthrough for the advertising, this process is given by technology has been a very useful tool, but the technology in the case of the Internet is a means by which several peoplecan act on an attitude of bad faith, seeking to mislead people who travel through the network looking for products or services meet their needs, so shopping should be done electronically on secure...
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