Isaac newton

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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton (1642-1727), mathematical and British, considered physique one of the biggest scientists in the history that made important contributions in many fields of the science.Their discoveries and theories served from base to most of the scientific advances developed from their time. Newton was, next to the German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, one of theinventors of the branch of the mathematics denominated calculation. It also solved relative questions to the light and the optics, it formulated the laws of the movement and he/she deduced starting from themthe law of the universal gravitation. See you Mechanics.

He/she was born December 25 1642, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire. When he/she was three years old, their mother widow married again and sheleft it under the care of her grandmother. When staying widow for second time, he/she decided to send it to a primary school in Grantham. In the summer of 1661 it entered in the Trinity College of theUniversity of Cambridge and in 1665 he/she received their high school title.

After an almost two year-old interruption caused by an epidemic of pest, Newton returned to the Trinity College, wherethey named him scholarship holder in 1667. He/she received professor's title in 1668. During that time he/she was devoted to the study and investigation of the last advances in mathematics and to thenatural philosophy that considered the nature like an organism of complex mechanics. Almost immediately he/she carried out fundamental discoveries that were him of great utility in their scientificcareer.

In August of 1684 Newton solitude was interrupted by the visit of Edmund Halley, an astronomer and mathematical with the one that the problem of the orbital movement discussed. Newton hadstudied the science of the mechanics as university student and in that time he already had certain basic notions on the universal gravitation. As a result of the visit of Halley, he/she was interested in...
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