Isaac newton

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tonIsaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most memorable scientists, because of the laws he discovered. He was born just a few years after Galileo’s death, which was also an admirablescientist that state and proved that planets revolve around the sun. Newton had a lot of influence on Galileo’s and other scientists’ discoveries, which lead him to think that the universe must havelaws that governed it. Newton realized, as other scientists that he must use math in order to explain this laws. He used math to explain gravity and motion, that help him understand how forces act onobjects.
Newton had the opportunity in 1687 to publish a book named Principia. He talked in his book about three ideas or theories he had for gravity and motion. He used these laws so everyoneelse can understand how forces act on objects. The first law explained how an object that is not being pushed or pulled, stay still or will keep moving in a straight line at a steady speed. Thistendency of an object staying still or moving in a straight line at a steady speed is called Inertia. His second law explains how forces act on objects, how a force can move an object. Newton’s thirdlaw states that if an object is being pushed or pulled, it will push or pull equally in the opposite direction.
Newton is remembered by the falling apple experiment; the truth about that story isthat the falling apple gave him the idea of gravity. As he saw the apple fall from the tree he got the idea of how force is the attraction between two objects. Newton also understood that an objectthat contains more matter applies a greater force or have the ability to pull another object with a smaller amount of matter toward it. That explanation tells why objects are pulled downwards to theearth, because earth has a biggest amount of mass, which is also the reason why we humans don’t float on earth.
Newton helped people to understand the universe, and he answer how planets stay on...
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