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Abbreviations used in the Vocabulary List are:
abbrev abbreviation or acronym
adj adjective
adv adverb
Am Eng American English
art article
Br Eng British English
conj conjunction
det determiner
exclam exclamation
int interjection
n noun
phr v phrasal verb
pl plural
prep preposition
prep phr prepositional phrase
pron pronoun
sing singular
v verb.


a, an (art)
able (adj)
• be able to
about (prep)
• What about a cold drink?
• I have about £3.
• a book about animals
above (prep)
act (v)
accident (n)
across (prep)
• The bank’s across the road.
• He walked across the bridge.
activity (n)
actor (n)
actually (adv)
add (v)
address (n)
adult (adj & n)
advanced (adj
adventure (n)
advertisement (n)
aero plane (n)afraid (adj)
after (prep)
afternoon (n)
afterwards (adv)
again (adv)
against (prep)
• age (n)
• I don’t know his age.
ago (adv)
agree (v)
• Yes, I agree with you.
• Don’t you agree, Sam?
air (n)
• to travel by air
airport (n)
all (det & pron)
all right/alright (adv)
almost (adv)
alone (adj & adv)
already (adv)
also (adv)
always (adv)
a.m. (adv)
ambulance (n)
and (conj)
angry (adj)
animal (n)
another (det & pron)
answer (n & v)
any (det and pron)
anybody (pron)
anyone (pron)
anything (pron)
anyway (adv)
anywhere (adv)
apartment (n)
apple (n)
appointment (n)
• an appointment with the doctor
area (n)
arm (n)
(a)round (adv & prep)
• to travel around (adv)
• to sit around the table (prep)
arrive (v)
art (n)
as (prep)
• as good as
• as soon as possible
• the same as
ask (v)
assistant (n)
as well (adv)
as well as (prep)
at (prep)
at all (adv)
• It doesn’t matter at all.
aunt (n)
autumn (n)
away (adv)
• He’s gone away.
• It’s two miles away.


baby (n)
back (n, adv & adj)
bad (adj)
bag (n)
ball (n)
banana (n)
band (n)
bank (n)
• I changed my money in the bank.barbecue (n)
baseball (n)
basketball (n)
bath (n)
bathroom (n)
be (v)
beach (n)
bear (n)
beautiful (adj)
because (conj)
become (v)
bed (n)
bedroom (n)
before (adv & prep)
begin (v)
beginner (n)
behind (adv & prep)
believe (v)
belong (v)
below (prep)
belt (n)
between (prep)
bicycle (n)
big (adj)
bike (n)
bill (n)
• Can I have my bill, please?
bird (n)
birthday (n)biscuit (n)
bit (n)
• Just a small bit of cake, please.
black (adj)
blanket (n)
blond(e) (adj)
blouse (n)
blue (adj)
board (n)
• The teacher’s writing on the
boat (n)
body (n)
boil (v)
book (n & v)
bookshelf (n)
bookshop (n)
boot (n)
• football boots
boring (adj)
born (adj)
• I was born in Manchester.
boss (n)
both (pron & det)
bottle (n)
• at the bottom of the stairs
bowl (n)
box (n)
boy (n)
brake (n & v)
bread (n)
break (n & v)
• a break for lunch (n)
• Someone’s broken the window.(v)
breakfast (n)
bridge (n)
bring (v)
brother (n)
brown (adj)
build (v)
building (n)
burger (n)
burn (v)
• He has burnt his hand.
bus (n)
business (n)
businessman (n)
businesswoman (n)
bus station (n)
bus stop (n)busy (adj)
but (conj)
butter (n)
buy (v)
by (prep)


cafe/café (n)
cake (n)
call (v)
• I’ll call (phone) again later this afternoon.
• He’s called John.
camera (n)
camp (n & v)
campsite (n)
can (n & v)
canal (n)
car (n)
card (n)
• birthday card
• credit card
career (n)
careful (adj)
• Be careful!
carpet (n)
carrot (n)
carry (v)
cash (n &v)
• I’d like to cash this check.
cassette (n)
cassette player (n)
cassette recorder (n)
castle (n)
cat (n)
catch (v)
cathedral (n)
CD (n)
cent (n)
centre (n)
centimeter (n)
century (n)
certain (adj)
• I’m certain (+ that clause)
certainly (not) (adv)
chair (n)
change (v & n)
channel (n)
chat (n)
chat room (n)
cheap (adj)
check (v)
cheers! (exclam)
cheese (n)