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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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¿Is the Death Penalty an effective solution to crime or is just a legal revenge?

Societies are facing the long discussion about Death penalty, an issue that appears as one of the solutions toavoid crime, some people believes that Capital punishment is the best way to give a lesson to society in order to show them the consequences if a not accepted behaviour against the society happens, to bespecific, the murderer of someone else. There are others who believe that life is a right that cannot be taken by anyone, and the fact of killed someone else legally or not, doesn´t make thedifference between killers, Which means that the state becomes a murderer as well.

First of all, In many cases the death penalty have had fatal mistakes where the punished is found not guilty after beingsentenced, ¿are the governments and the system capable to repair such damage? The simple answer is not, due to life is not possible to fix. Furthermore if we fallow the eye for an eye law, ¿should thepeople who compose the system and the governments be punished with the same death penalty for this mistake? On the other hand, the pain and the deeply sadness just to mention a couple of feelings thattheir innocent families have to pass through, clearly is not evidence that can be changed just declaring the sentenced and now 3 feet underground just declaring him as an Innocent. The debate is nowhaving their place, where the republicans as Richard Smith recently publish a declaration by internet in a site called, where he declares, "We make mistakes throughout thecriminal justice system, unfortunately. I also don't feel that the state should be in the business of taking anybody's life, no matter how horrendous the crime." Rep. Richard Smith, R-New Fairfield(Greenwich Time, Apr. 12, 2012)

Secondly, consider a death penalty as a real punishment for who are being committing crimes, are just not fair with the victims and with the system, due to the sentenced...
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