Isla de pascua

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Easter Island

Easter Island is located in Chile, located approximately at the latitude of the Chilean city of Caldera.

Easter Island belongs to Chile and is located in Polynesia. The island is located on the Nazca plate near a microplate tectonics called "Easter Island" which originates in the area of divergence between the Nazca and the Pacific Plate.

Rapa Nui isknown for his music. This music is speaking Polynesian type of fertility, love, birds and rain. There are several groups native to the island of Rapa Nui singing, such as matato'a.

One of the major attractions are there in the beautiful destination of Easter Island is its exquisite and unique cuisine, prepared with fish and seafood, as well as agricultural products, such as sweet potato, taro,yam, banana in its 15 varieties and sugarcane, as well as papaya, pineapple and guava


The island has a tropical rainy climate and is the only place in Chile where a tropical climate prevails, its thermal regime shows the full extent of the oceanic influence: poor swing both daily and annual temperature andprecipitation, for their part, are distributed regularly throughout the year. These are of convective origin, particularly in the summer season. During winter, the presence of some low pressure systems brings rainfall frontal origin. The average annual temperature is 26.8 ° C reaching its maximum of 29.6 ° C in January and a minimum of 19.6 ° C in August, very wet tropical climate, so in general the wintersand summers temperate.

Best time of year to go

In February every year we celebrate the feast of Tapati, the main artistic and cultural activity of Rapa Nui, which begins the first week of February and lasts about two weeks. In this festival will make a number of ancient ceremonies and body painting competition (or Takona), storytelling and legends (Riu) and falling at high speed on a hill ofyoung people on banana trunks (or Haka Pei ) and the election of the queen of the island, which is crowned the first full moon of the month. This festival full of food and accommodation capacity of Rapa Nui.


Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert

Although the island is in itself an open-air museum, full of moai, ceremonial sites, smoking and petroglyphs, the FatherSebastian Englert Anthropological Museum has a large collection (about 1,500 pieces) that represent the cultural heritage of the island. The museum, founded in 1973, also has a large collection of photographs, archives of traditional music, a library with 3,000 publications and the only female moai found.


What to visit?

The island is known fairly well in four days, so it is clear that thereare five must-see places and the rest depends on personal taste

Rano Kau volcano and Orongo, the volcano Rano Raraku (the quarry of moias) Anakena beach and Ovahe, watch sunset and go to Ahu Tahai Akivi (seven moai facing the sea) are staples .

Speaking of Ana Kai Tangata, Terevaka or enter the sector Poike may sound unintelligible, but with a map that is delivered in Orongo everything iswithin reach and worth knowing.

If you love to see under water, the island must be one of the most wonderful places to dive. Moreover, what you do, you bring a certificate and it would like many trainers on the continent.

Places to eat on Easter Island

If the alternative is to feed not prepare anything, there are restaurants everywhere and different prices. Now, eat in the "cart" is anexcellent alternative. What do you want? What everyone wants, the variety is wide, but it would be a waste not to try the fresh and tasty tuna.

There is also the market where you can buy the product to take home, or to taste different flavors on their premises.

A useful piece of information: A tuna pie with cheese most exquisite natural juice cart Gladys An island with a turban and clothing that...
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