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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2011
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Drugs are bad
Drugs are bad I think that drugs shouldn’t be legal. Drugs can cause many problems that can destroy your life. This will make you become someone bad in life; You could never be someoneor do something that will make you be someone that is excellent in life. Doing good things for other people is not what you would do when you take drugs. Doing good things when you are taking drugsis almost impossible because you always want to be taking drugs. You will become a bad person in life.
When you are out of money, this is a bad problem, because you want to start taking drugs.Sometimes when you want drugs, you would start doing bad things like stealing from others. You would only think in yourself and in no one else. You would become to be a killer or a robber. You would startdoing bad things only for a little pay so you could buy a little amount of drug. You would destroy your life because of drugs.
“Drugs can limit a person to make good choices.” - Meditrend
Drugswould make you sick; there are different types of drugs like heroine that you need to inject them. This drug is very dangerous because when you inject them you are taking a big risk. Most of the peoplethat inject heroine have aids because the needle could be infected and it could’ve had old blood from another person that used the needle too. Some die because they have an overdose when they take toomuch drugs, like the famous legend Elvis Presley that he killed himself by taking too much drug.
When your family finds out that you are on drugs, they began to make you want quit the drugs. Theywould put you in some houses where there were no drugs and you would start shivering wanting for more and wanting them so bad that you even think on wanting to kill yourself. You would want to be deadyou will start being hostile with the people that are taking care of you. They will start doing bad things and bad things only.
“When you take drugs, you are taking a big risk” – National Clearing...