Iso/tc 176 n817r8

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Status of the ISO 9000 Family of Standards
Please find attached an updated report on the current status of ISO/TC 176 Document Family. This document
is intended to primarily reflect the current status of ISO/TC 176 documents in accordance with the stage of each
document’s particular development stage.
Given the requirements of ISO’s Technical Management Board with respect to the applicationof ISO Guide 72,
Guidelines for the justification and development of management system standards, the Secretaries of the
Technical Committee and Subcommittees of ISO/TC 176 have undertaken to classify the documents according
to the management system standard (MSS) types A, B or C. These MSS types are defined as follows:
Type A – Management Systems Requirements Standard
Standard that isintended to provide the marketplace with relevant specifications for the management system of
an organization to demonstrate its capability to meet internal and external requirements (e.g. by assessment of
that capability by internal or external parties)
- Management system requirements standards (specifications).
- Management system sector-specific requirements standards.
Type B –Management Systems Guidelines Standards
Standard that is intended to assist an organization to implement and/or to enhance its management system by
providing additional guidance to the elements of a management system requirements standard, or stand-alone
guidance with no equivalence to a management system requirements standard.
- Guidance on the use of management system requirementsstandards.
- Guidance on the establishment of a management system.
- Guidance on the improvement/enhancement of a management system.
- Management system sector-specific guidelines standards.
Type C – Management Systems Related Standards
Standard that is intended to provide further information on specific parts of the management system or
guidance on related supporting techniques, in addition tomanagement system standards.
- Management system terminology documents.
- Standards on auditing, documentation, training, monitoring, measurement and performance evaluation.
- Standards on labelling and life–cycle assessment.
ISO/TC 176 ISO/TC 176 N817R8
Quality Management and Quality Assurance Page 2
December 2008
1. Current Standards and Documents
Standard/ document Title EditionPublication
Comment MSS
ISO 9000:2005 Quality management systems – Fundamentals and
Third 2005-09-15 Preliminary work item
under consideration
ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems – Requirements Fourth 2008-11-15 New edition published A
ISO 9004:2000 Quality management systems –
Guidelines for performance improvements
Second 2000-12-15 Revision in progress BISO 10001:2007 Quality management – Customer satisfaction –
Guidelines on codes of conduct for organizations
First 2007-01-12 C
ISO 10002:2004 Quality management – Customer satisfaction –
Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations
First 2004-07-01 C
ISO 10003:2007 Quality management – Customer satisfaction –
Guidelines for dispute resolution external to
First2007-01-12 C
ISO 10005:2005 Quality management - Guidelines for quality plans Second 2005-06-01 C
ISO 10006:2003 Quality management - Guidelines for quality management
in projects
Second 2003-06-15 B
ISO 10007:2003 Quality management - Guidelines for configuration
Second 2003-06-15 C
ISO 10012:2003 Measurement management systems- Requirements
for measurement processes and measuringequipment
Second 2003-04-14 B
ISO/TR 10013:2001 Guidelines for quality management system
Second 2001-07-15 C
ISO 10014:2006 Quality management – Guidelines for realizing
financial and economic benefits
First 2006-07-01 B
ISO 10015:1999 Quality Management: Guidelines for training First 1999-12-15 C
ISO/TR 10017:2003 Guidance on statistical techniques for ISO 9001:2000...
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