Israeli special forces

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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2011
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* Generally speaking, Special Forces units consisted of male combat personnel organized into small, flexible teams, having been subjected to the most competitive selection criteria.
*Special Forces teams were regularly assigned the most unconventional and dangerous missions.
* Each squad’s ability to complete such missions successfully was dependent on its level of teamwork.* In Israel, all healthy 18-year-olds were required to participate in military service for up to three Years.
* 17, each citizen was brought in for an initial screening.
* During peacetime,each citizen that returned to civilian life could potentially be called for service in the Army Reserves for one month each year until the age of 45. During wartime, however, each citizen could becalled. SF are responsable most high-risk missions.

paratroopers and special forces training

* Candidates for the Special Forces in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) ParatroopersRegiment were selected through a grueling five-day process.
* Recruits that passed the selection process enrolled in a 20-month training course designed to test the boundaries of their mental andphysical endurance and performance.
* Exhaustive work out,candidates needed to be highly motivated and strong-willed in order to successfully complete it.
* These traits included intelligence,independence, resourcefulness, courageousness, self-discipline, and improvisation.

* The selection strategy was inadequate for finding the best candidates. The success of the selectionprocess was therefore dependent on different teams and evaluators.
* To many drills were not necessary, it were focused on physical condition.
* The selection strategy: high degree ofindependence was often conflicted with the acceptance of authority.
I think that Israel it’s a country were nationalism and patriotic reason are things to take care and also for Special...
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