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The language official and spoken by the great majority is the Italian, of the family of Indo-European Romance languages. Also there are zones where the German is spoken, French, Catalan,Croatian and Greek among others.
The dominant religion is the Roman Catholic religion, practiced by a 84% of the population. Other religions in smaller quantity are also professed, like protestant,Muslim and bean. The unit of Italian currency denominates lira. Italy is a republic located to the south of Europe. Their borders are:
North: Switzerland and Austria.
The northwest: France.
Thesouth: Mediterranean Sea.
This: Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea.
The west: Mediterranean Sea.
Also some islands located in the Mediterranean Sea like the island of Elbe, Sardinia and Sicily belong toItaly and smaller others. Within the Italian territory they are nailed independent states like San Marino and the Vatican.
The capital is Rome that is in addition the greater city. Other important citiesare Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Catania and Venice. Of the northwest to Southeastern of the country it has around 1145 kilometers in length; with the peninsula ofnorth to the south, Italy has a length of 1360 kilometers. Wide the greater one of the west to this is of about 610 kilometers in continental zone and 240 kms in the peninsula.
Italy occupies a totalarea of 301 302 kilometers square.
More than half of the Italian territory one is forming a peninsula that Southeastern S.A. of the Mediterranean Sea.
To the north the Mountain range of the Alpsstands out where Monte Cervino is (4478 ms) and Rosa Mount (4683 ms). The tip upper of Italy is Monte Bianco, in the border between Italy and France, with about 4807 meters of height. Between the Alpsand the Apennines is the valley of Lombardi, bathed for the Po river.
The coast of Italy that is in the Adriatic Sea is low and with much sand. The coast the west is characterized to have an amount...
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