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Course of Italian

Author: Assimil

Presentation of the course
wants learn Italian to pass some holidays in the country of the shoe? It has selected well, with the method acquaintance Assimil and will obtain free the necessary rudiments of grammar and conversation to do not lose nothing of the beautiful Italy. LearningItalian never had been so easily.

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1. The pronunciation and intonation
The tonic accent.- The rule is to put the tonic accent in the penultimate syllable.
buor not, |parl| to re, |rag| to z or.
Some words take the accent in the antepenultimate syllable; they are between other the verbs in the 3º person of the plural( they/they ): p to |rlano|, e v donate, m to |ngiano| ; the infinitive of most verbs in: - e r e:(|dere| e |cre|, |dere| i r , etcetera.); and the words as f to |cile|, t to fly, telephone receiver e |tel|.
The words whose tonic accent concerns the last syllable is recognized for the open accent placed in the vowel of this: città, caffè , più.
The pronunciation.- It is very easily to pronounce ( and therefore read ) the Italian. Some specifications of this language are easy to to retain:-The letters of a word pronounce an after the other. Not exist neither nasal nor vocal whose pronunciation is transformed for the following vowel... The "k" and the "w" not appear more that in foreign words, as whisky.
following we detail the letters or combinations of letters in which the pronunciation can vary with report to the Spanish. We also enclose an equivalence in our language ( inthe second column ), an explanation and an orally Italian example with your pronunciation to hispanizes it:

c|"k"|in front of the vowels to, or, or large bed ( also |detras| of a s ) (room)|"kamera"|

"|ch|" in front of e and i|sky (sky)|"chielo"|
"k" "k" |ch| in all cases||chiesa| (church)|"kiesa"|
"g" g|"g " as"gato" |pagare| in front of to, or, or ( pay )|"pagare"|
"dch"|soft "|ch|"pages in front of i e e ( page )|"padchina"|
"g" |gh|| correspond to "gu" in Spanish |laghi| in front of e and i (Lagos)|"lagui"|
"ñ" |gn| as in "pinion"||sogno| (sleep)|"I dream"|

"ds" z "|ku|" |qu||as in "expert" as soft "s"||quattro|( four mosquito )|zanzara|( )|"kuattro" "dsandsara"|

2. Grammar the article.- Let us see:...
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