Italy soccer team

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In Italy, soccer is one of the most popular sports that has leaded the state internationally. The Italy national football team represents Italy in international footballcompetitions and it is controlled by the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio Italy is one of the top teams in international football and the second most successful national team in the history of theWorld Cup The team appeared 16 times in the world cup winning 4 Titles in 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006 and being home country two times. It is the only country besides Brail that has won two times in arow. It also appeared once in the European championship (1968), once in the Olympic football tournament (1936) and twice in the Central European International Cups. The traditional colors of the teamare blue and white for both uniforms. The Home uniform has a blue shirt and white shorts and the away uniform is completely white with little blue details. The team had had 28 coaches an thepresent one is Marcello Lippi The captain and one of the defenders of the team is Fabio Cannavaro.He was the world´s best player in 2006. The top scorer is Luigi Riva with 35 goals.
GianluigiBuffon is the goalie keeper of the team and is considered one of the best of the world

There are 28 members on the team but the ones that form the titular team are: The goalie keeper: BuffonDefenders:
Zambrotta Chiellini Grosso
Middle fielders:
Gattuso De Rossi Andrea Pirlo Camoranesi Front players: Di Natale
Gilardino Rossi Iaquinta
The Italy National FootballTeam is one of the most important and famous of all among the soccer fans. This year it is going to participate in South Africa World Cup. The team is in group F and plays against Paraguay, NewZeland and Slovaquia. Italy has never lost against any of this countries and it is the favorite in its group. Italia´s first appearance in this world cup will be against Paraguay on June 14 at 2:00 pm.
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