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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2011
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Italy plays a secondary role in the treaty of Versailles since it was part of the triple alliance in the beginning and soon changes of side along with France, the United States and England.Italy was not considered like one of most important since some historians nothing else considers to three leaders respectively excluding the one from Italy.

Italy was directed by VittorioTrimming, the mission or the objective of Vittorio was to put in the treaty so that Italy obtained the greater amount of possible territory, we can see that Italy in this war unlike the other countries, didnot enter or participated in the war by an honor question so to speak, but that it entered by his own interests, first it decided to ally itself with Germany and the Austro-Hungarian empire and laterby the secret treated about London, Italy changed of sides in exchange for a part of territory.

In Italy which wanted was territory, they looked for that in the treaty of Versailles they removedmore territory from the fiancé but in the end in the treaty of Versailles the engaged territory only occurred them and nothing else although in the fourteen points of Woodrow Wilson said that Italywould receive, Italy was not compensated with more territory so that its participation in the battle was not significant, were very few its victories and little the total gain of territory by Italy.Italy almost is not so important, which bothered much to the leaders since according to Vittorio its participation had been very important, in Italy summary bothered much to the knowledge that wouldnot give more territory him of the fiancé', which left a little rancor in the Italian leaders, aside from this when seeing that Italy would not obtain more earth retired and no longer preferred toparticipate more in the discussion since its intention was for its benefit and it does not stop to harm Germany.

I think that the resentment which I am in the dictators was great because for example...
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