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1. Explain why hackers could make a computer system unreliable.

Present main characteristics with reasons.

Hackers could make a computer system unreliable because they damage thesoftware, or even the hardware, by accessing to information and changing it, or putting a virus in. So the computer would be unreliable since data wouldn´t be safe in the computer. They can make itunreliable by getting users’ passwords without their permission, and so violating the security of a system. Another way of making a computer unreliable is the DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, that makethe system not able to respond with its functions, so that it would be disabled of doing any other tasks.

2. Describe the steps that would be necessary to protect computers from hackers.Present main characteristics

First you would have to keep your firewall turned on, because this helps to protect the computer from hackers who might try to get in the system.

Secondyou have to make sure that your computer is up to date, so that no old configuration would affect the security.

Third you have to keep the computer’s antivirus software up to date, becauseif it’s not up to date it would not be working properly.

And fourth you have to maintain your antispyware up to date, so that the computer will be totally protected from spyware.

3.Computer systems that have many people using them could also have unreliable data. Evaluate the use of passwords to prevent the problem of unreliable data.

Strengths and weaknesses.

Theuse of passwords is important because in that way others can’t get into your information and delete it or change it, or put some information there that you don’t need, so that’s good to protect whatyou really need in your computer. On the other hand its not good because sometimes you forget the passwords and so you cannot access to the information you need. Sometimes passwords are very easy...