Ixtreme burner max tutorial

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iXtreme Burner Max How to make yours!
Firstly you need a compatible DVD Writer the range is listed below: LiteOn iHas124-XX B LiteOn iHas224-XX B LiteOn iHas324-XX B LiteOn iHas424-XX B LiteOniHas524-XX B LiteOn iHas624-XX B (The XX varies – the important part is the firmware version B: denotes chipset) THIS TUTORIAL SHOWS THE PROCESS FOR 324! ENSURE YOU USE CORRECT UPGRADE.EXE AND CORRECT FWFOR YOUR DRIVE! (at time of writing the AL1A firmware was used – release will be AL1B) Then of course you need the custom iXtreme Burner Max firmware for your relevant model. You will also require thedrive upgrade.exe, again ensure correct one for your drive! Plus 2 other utility programs from

EEPROM Utility (v6.2.0) Flash Utility (v6.0.1)

Firstly – connect your drive (normal onboard SATAshould be more than adequate) and you can also use X360USB Pro if you wish. (I’m not going explain connecting a SATA cable) Ensure your drive shows in device manager and is listed in windows. Upgrade Your Drive
Now run the upgrade.exe relevant to your drive.

(Ensure it is for YOUR iHas drive before you continue)

Click Yes Button Once complete it will ask you to reboot the PC (do so beforeyou continue!)

BackUp your Current Firmware and EEPROM
For safety – you should backup your current drive firmware and EEPROM. Now open the EEPROM Utility – Ensure the correct Drive (iHas) press the Backup Eeprom button.

Click Save. Once finished click Exit

Open the Flash Utility

Ensure Correct Drive (iHas) is showing

Click the Read Flash Button (should already haveautomatically selected the 2MB Option)

Click Save

Writing the Max iXtreme Firmware!
With the Flash Utility still open (ensure iHas selected)

Click Write Flash Button

Click Yes Button!

Navigateand select the correct Firmware for your drive model. (Very important)

Click Open Button

If you are 100% sure you have chosen correct file Click Yes Button

Wait for the flash to finish...
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