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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2012
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Three pieces of advices you might give to a friend who plans to study abroad
Well, there are three things that you have to know if you want to study abroad. The first one is don’t trust in anybody. If you are in a foreign country you have to be so distrustful because you don’t know how the people are, remember: “faces we see, hearts we don’t know”. The second thing is always be polite. Rememberyou are in a new country and somehow you are representing our country. Also if you are polite you will always be well received. The last thing that you have to know is everything you do always give your best, this way you won’t be consider mediocre.
In conclusion, if you follow these advices you will be okay!

Dear Editor
I am an 18-year-old boy who attends high school. I am writing withregard to the article “length of school day to be increased” which appeared on “The city times” I would like to express my opinion about this.
I am disagree with the decision to increase the school day by one hour that would mean that students spent less time at home with their parents. If the parents do not communicate with their sons, they will never know the real situation of their sons. They willnot know if their sons have problems.
The ministry exposes that in return for the longer school the summer vacations will be extended, maybe this time could be used by kids to learn some sports or languages.
Despite everything I am really sure that students will learn more in a week with eight hours by day instead of a week with nine hours by day because in the ninth hour their minds will betired.
Finally, I think that the minister’s intentions to improve the level of education in the country are the best, but he has to look another way to do that without increasing the school day.
Erick Garcia

Dear Sad Sister
I’m an eighteen year-old-boy who attends to CEN. I’m writing this letter with regard to your problem. I understand why you are suffering, because I passed by thesame situation a few months ago with my little brother.
I think that you have to try to talk to her and tell her that you are worried about this situation. Sometimes kids think what they are doing is correct so; you have to tell her that she’s wrong, In my case my brother taught that he was right, so when I talk with him he came to his senses.
So try to talk with him and tell him what iscorrect for him and don’t worry everything will be fine.
Erick Garcia

Importance of having a good diet and fitness
The popular saying “health is wealth” gives a large meaning to our life as health is considered the most valuable and precious for every individual. Around the world there are a lot of people who dies because of not having a good nutrition. The human being has to understandthe importance of having balance nutrition.
In my case I do not exercise a lot because I have no time but I try to have balance nutrition, this does not mean that I eat vegetables all the time. I eat fries but not all the time. Therefore I suggest if you do not have time it is okay you just have healthy eating habits because your health eating habits it will probably help you as you get older.There are many ways to improve your health. Such as working out, cardiovascular exercises and other, but for me the most efficient way to improve your health is having a good eating habits. Remember you are what you eat if you have heath eating habits you will be health. In the same way if you have a good nutrition when you are young you will be healthy when you get older.
In conclusion, youalways take into account if you want to be good looking, feel good with yourself and be healthy you have to take into consideration to having good eating habits.

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