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Escena 1
Father: did you finish your errands?
Jack: Si acabamos todo nuestros deberes.
Father: would you like to eat a delicious food?
Jack: Sitenemos mucha hambre.
Father: I am sorry, but we don't have any food. We have had a serious economic problem since last year. The flooding of the riveraffected us badly.
Jack: Entonces compraremos algo para comer.
Father: We don't have any money. I will like to buy food for us but after crop loss Ican't.
Jack: Que hacemos?
Father: We are poor and only we have a shotgun.
Father: Please, I want you to take shotgun and you go to the market.
Jack:¿Por qué papa, ¿crees que puede alquilarlo?
Father: No, Jack. We have to sell it because we have nothing to eat!
Jack: Esta bien ahora mismo la llevo.Father: I hope to have a lot of money of the shotgun.
Escena 2
Father: Jack, I hope you got a good price for our shotgun?
Jack: ¡Mamá, tengo tres!Father: Three dollars? Oh is very cheap. That won't last us a week!
Jack: Mucho mejor, el buen hombre me dio tres frijoles.Y él dijo que son mágicosFather: Jack, only three beans! Give me one. Aggg , they taste terrible.
Jack: Oh, no! Lo siento mucho mamá!
Father: They are donkeys.

EscenaFather: Jack, this is a lovely goose. Maybe we could have goose with rice! I like to eat goose.
Jack: Mamá, ese ganso de los huevos de oro!
Father: Realgold? Before we eat the goose. We are going to sell her gold eggs.
Jack: Yes, father.
Father: We going to become rich. We will eat delicious food.
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