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Situation: She didn't eat anything because she wasn't hungry.
Conditional Sentence: If she had been hungry, she would have eaten something.
1. SITUATION: The accidenthappened because the driver in front stopped so suddenly.     COMPLETE THE SENTENCE: If the driver in front hadn’t stopped so suddenly, the accident wouldn’t have happened.
2.SITUATION: I didn't wake George because I didn't know he wanted to get up early.    SENTENCE: If I had known he wanted to get up early, I would have woken George.
3. SITUATION: Iwas able to buy the car because Jim lent me the money.      SENTENCE: If Jim hadn’t lent me the money, I wouldn’t have been able to by the car.
4. SITUATION: She wasn'tinjured in the crash because she was wearing a seat belt. SENTENCE: If she hadn´t been wearing a seat belt, She would have been injured in the crash.
5. SITUATION: You're hungry nowbecause you didn't have breakfast.
SENTENCE: If you had had breakfast, You wouldn’t have been hungry now.
6. SITUATION: She didn't buy the coat because she didn't haveenough money.
SENTENCE: If she had had enough money, She would have bought the coat.
7. SITUATION: She didn't go to the concert because she didn't feel very well.
SENTENCE:If she had felt very well, She would have gone to the concert.
8. SITUATION: My teacher called me because I got a bad grade in the last exam. SENTENCE: If I hadn’t got a badgrade in the last exam, My teacher wouldn’t have called me.
9. SITUATION: He didn't do it because his father didn't tell him.
SENTENCE: If his father had told him, He wouldhave done it.
10. SITUATION: Rose sent you a postcard because she didn’t lose your address. SENTENCE: If she had lost your address, Rose wouldn’t have sent you a postcard.