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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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Several days have passed since I have been in prison, alone and freighted not for my self but for my people. My name is Atahualpa Born in 1502 ad and son of Huayna Capac and brother to Huascar. Methe Sapa Inca, emperor of the whole Incan empire and maybe the last thanks to Pizarro am sending this message to the world. During the great civil war for power between my brother Huascar (who hadthe land south of Cuzco) and me (had the north) my great empire was greatly weakened. Though he captured me first in the war my brave soldiers saved me and with my army ready I attacked Huascar inChimborazo, my first victory. As I defeated him in other battles I finally won the war in Cajamarca unfortunately I had to kill him. It was the only way to assure victory, though I regret iteveryday. Even more unfortunately is this man Francisco Pizarro, coming here. I have never been that insulted.
Edu Mestanza
Andy Sayles
Humanities grade 9B
September 20 2010


This“monster” arrived at my empire as a creature of peace. Though is motives were obvious he started making colonies inside my empire and what I really broke the line was capturing my cities and mypeople. I couldn’t tolerate it especially when I found out that he used my people as slaves for their “king”. I was angry and my heart had thousands of needles in it. I was ready for war, if only theydidn’t had those beasts they called horses and the monsters canons whose mouth was as dark as night and its breath of fire. I knew that the only way to beat him was to trick him, but instead hetricked me instead. I was invited to Cajamarca were he would make a deal with him. Obviously it was a trap but I still went with 6000 soldiers who will protect me and defeat the Spanish no matter what.Even so their forces were a lot stronger than I expected. Upon Arrival I could see him with his beard and strange shiny armor. A well as a man who had an object the they described as a cross.
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