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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2010
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Later a brief description of our corporate image.
In the universe of the systems there exist two worlds that always have been separated, we speak about the proprietary software and the freesoftware, example Windows and GNU/Linux; the big differences between these worlds have been diminishing and nowadays there is lived a situation in which one tries to integrate(repay) the bestoptions of both to offer more complete solutions.Platypus Solutions and Support Ltda, is a company represented by a very particular animal, the Duck-billed platypus, and between(among) many ofhis(her, your) particularities they are: he(she) is the only(unique) representative of the family Ornithorhynchidae and is classified as a mammal that makes eggs (oviparous).
AracnidsHis(Her, Your) body is divided in cefalotórax and abdomen. The cefalotórax is the only(unique) piece that includes the head and the thorax. They lack antennas. In the mouth they possess a few tweezersthat serve them to eat, and in the cefalotórax they have eight legs. They are terrestrial and breathe for tracheas.
The vertebrates (Vertebrata, " that has vertebrae ") they are a verydiverse subedge of cordados that understands to the animals with backbone or vertebral column consisted of vertebrae. It(he,she) includes approximately 58.000 current species(kinds) [1] and fossilmany(many people).
The vertebrates have managed to colonize and to adapt to different environments, included the most difficult and inhospitable. Though they come initially from the waydulceacuícola, they have managed to evolve in the sea and to go on later to the terrestrial way, which they dominate at present.
The term(end) "Vertebrata", used in wide sense, is synonymous of"Craniates", and includes the minions, which do not possess authentic vertebrae; if Vertebrata is used in strict sense (only the cordites with vertebrae), the above mentioned group must be excluded.
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