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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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In this work, we let you know about the different choices that we can find on internet about learning English as a second language. Our intention in doing this kind of research is thatpeople show interest for learning English in a more practical and less expensive way.
The main difficulty that people have when they do not know which website to enter to have a good service since somepeople do not know how to do it, or they may think that all the online courses are paid.
This project is created because it will help students of ESL to find Web sites with Online English courses,to keep students informed on this phenomenon that today is very much used by those who do not have the possibility to take an English course.The benefit that our project presents is that the studentshave access to reliable web pages to reinforce what they know about the English language from the comfort of their home.
Our Objective with this project is promote the study of English language as afast way and easy accessible, providing web site addresses, where we take classes, be a free or paid and Inform the community about the costs of learn English online and give to know the addresses ofweb sites that provide us to learn English in a free way
Nowadays, people can adopt new methods and learn English by online courses. In this way, it is easier for people to internalize the newlanguage, English in this case, because they do not just work on writing and grammar issues but they can develop other skills such as listening and speaking.
English language is becoming a very importantand useful tool these days, but it is necessary to surf on the net and find out ways of learning English for sure we could find more than one. We can choose the one that full fit our necessities.
Thereare several web sites to learn English on the internet, ones which are more affordable for people than others. One of the best and more used sites that people use in Latin America is: