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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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The Hangover


RECEPCIONISTA KAREN: hello. Welcome to the Caesar

STU LUU:we have a reservation from Doctor Prais

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN :ok let me look for it Dr PraisPHIL MONA: Stu. You are a dentist. Don´t show off

STU LUU: I am not showing. I´m a Doctor

PHIL MONA:He is a dentist.
Don´t get excited. If anybody suffers a heart attack you have to call a doctor

STU LUU: Don´t worry. I´ll do itALAN SOY GORDO: Can I ask anything?
Do you know if there is signal for the beeper?

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN: what are you talking about?

ALAN SOY GORDO: that there is no signal

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN: ahhh. I don´t know

ALAN SOY GORDO: are thereany public phones around ?
Many public phones ?

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN: ehhh. There is a telephone in your room
I put you in a double room on 12th floor. Is it ok ?

PHIL MONA: It´s ok.in fact… I want to know if there is an a vailable suiteSTU LUU: phill. We are not even going to be in the room
In fact… It doesn´t matter. We can share bad. It´s just a night

ALAN SOY GORDO: If we have to choose, I prefer to with Phil.
What don´t you want?

PHIL MONA: No, I don´t
Listen. We won´t share beds. We are12 Years old boys ?
Lisa excuse me. How much is the suite?

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN: We have an available suite. It´s 4200per night

PHIL MONA:Is it luxury ?


PHIL MONA: We take it
Give youCredit card to her

STU LUU: I can´t give the credit card to her

DOUG: I chip it

PHIL MONA: No. it´s our business

STU LUU:Don´t understand ?
Melisa checks my account bills

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN:We only usethe credit card as a guarantee
Nothing is charget until you go out. You decide in that moment

PHIL MONA: It´s perfect. That is perfect. Thank you Lisa
We will see it tomorrow and that´s it.

ALAN SOY GORDO: I have another question. Maybe they ask you every day
This asn´tthe original Caesar Palace. Is it ?

RECEPCIONISTA KAREN : what are you talking about ?

ALAN SOY GORDO: Ehhh. Did Caesar live here ?


ALAN SOY GORDO: I already said so. Let´s go

(Maia huuuMaia aaa …. Jajaja :P )

STU LUU:I'm just saying,
it's clearly marked, okay?

We are definitely
not supposed to be up here.

PHIL MONA:Come on, we're paying for a villa.
We can do whatever the fuck we want....
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