Jamaica writers effect

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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Jamaica – Writers Effect

In this Text, a young writer explains us about his feelings when he left Jamaica, his birthplace, for Cambridge, to study. In my opinion the writer expresses his feelingsby using very affective words and he even tends to use Poetry. This combination of strong words and poetry is very affective because these words that you don’t hear everyday, make you feel touched.I believe that the author has done a very good job describing his feelings, and in someways I can understand the author, the moment of saying goodbye to people you love can be very hard andunpleasant. The Writer himself analyses how he felt leaving the place he was born and grew up; he uses many strong words such as ; “Wretched moment” this in the 2 line already shows us that the moment is verynegative and unpleasant, wretched is a pretty strong word to use to describe a moment that’s not good for him. He then goes on how nice it is to have a home for him, and a room waiting for him.“Sadness took me by surprise” After mentioning that nothing will be home for him again as it was in his young years, that sadness overwhelms him says that his mind was not used to these sudden unpleasantfeelings.

The Way the writer describes his departure, is also very well done. The tone is slightly sad but also surprised by what had happened. The Author uses many Adjectives as “strange” whichmeans he is not used to it, also “dreamlike” encourages this point. He describes his country very well, to show us how he knows it. “I clambered up a string ladder, it seemed unreal” is just another prooffor the unknown moment. He also emphasizes the way of the things; he uses many adjectives. He also uses some visual images such as “Something more than distance was intervening.” This helps us, thereaders to feel his feeling as he does. Repeating words to emphasize them as “home, yet home” shows his Poetry.

At the end of the passage he uses irony, at the start of paragraph 7. “Lucky...
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