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This novel has an intense power and intrigue. The book is about a passionate depiction of a woman’s search for equality and freedom. It was written by Charlotte Brönte in 1847 duringthe Victorian England. In this story, the author develops the mental illness theme introducing it in a specific character, Bertha, a woman that was tied onto a chair and locked up in a room for 10years. Charlotte Brönte passed most of her life in this environment of mental illness. In those days, people with mental problems were put in especial clinics in which they were treated like animals,because the mentality of the people of that age had been distortioned by the media. So as a conclusion I would agree saying that the way to look at mental illness has quite changed during the flow of time.Nowadays, there are still special places to treat this disease put the conditions have improved a lot. These clinics treat their patients as normal ill people who need someone to take care afterthem.

To start with, Bertha, the mad woman, is not more than an example that the author gives us to see that she was against the ideas of the Victorian England. Even though this character was “crazy”she still took good care of by her husband. If this hadn’t happen then she would have been taken her to a mental illness clinic where she would have been treated mercilessly as they treated people withwho had a mental illness.

The attitude is the same because the author uses the context of the time in which she was living and puts it in her novel. In those days, the media had put the mentalillness people in a very low position in the society. It had made people fear them as if they were monsters by saying that those kinds of people were murderers, assassins or other type of delinquents.In our days, you don’t see many mental illness problems because our society is more advanced than before and problems are solved in easier ways. In the cases of people having this problem, the...
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