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Alan presentation
Good____ we are colegio columbia and its a pleasure representing the country of japan.

Itzel (History)
Do you know that the Japanese civilization started in the Jomon period?During that time Japan was strongly influenced by China from whom they adopted many things such as the writing system and Budahism.
Japan after many years of fights between landlords was finallyunified and closed their contact with foreign countries, when the Meiji restoration began important measures were taken that transformed Japan into an important new power.
Japan attacked Pearl Harborwhich forced U.S. to enter war, the war ended with the dropping os two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, after that Japan was occupied by the U.S. from which they experienced an incredibly fasteconomic development.
Now Japan is one of the most powerful countries of the world.

Ariel Geography & Infrestructure
Japan consists of several thousands of islands and limits with Korea Russiaand China. Japans area is comparable to Germany.
The population of Japan is about 125 000 000 including 2 million of foreign residents.
Japan is located in a region where several continental platesmeet, the country experiences frequent earthquakes there are many volcanoes in Japan.
Japan´s most famous volcano and highest mountain is mt Fuji.
Only a few of the rivers are navigable. Only 15percent of Japan´s land mass is suitable for agriculture.
The traditional houses of Japan have a special place to leave the shoes outside the house and the traditional houses also have a small porch toappreciate the garden that’s it´s name engawa and fire place to keep warm in winter that’s name irori.
As a country surrounded by water Japan has developed a very extensive and modern seatransportation system. IT includes many ports and harbors.
The mayor international airports are Narita and Sendai.

Alan Government
Japan is a constitutional monarchy where the power of the emperor is...
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