Japanese food

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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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Nowadays sushi is a food that symbolizes the Japanese gastronomic culture and is a recurring preparation at all Japanese restaurants, but today it is known sushi not only to the raw fish, also to theseasoned rice with rice vinegar.
2 cups rice for sushi
2 cups of water
75 ml of vinegar for sushi
1 makisu (it´s a bamboo rug to roll sushi)
4 seaweed papers
½ cups of sesameCream cheese
1 cucumber without seeds
1 avocado
4 peeled and cooked shrimp
Lemon juice to taste
Soy sauce

Wash the rice very well until the water runs clear, let it drain,boil the rice with summering water, then let it boil over high heat 2 minutes, after over medium heat 5 minutes and finally minimum heat 15 minutes, that absorbs the remaining water, try not touncover the pot to get better results, then remove the cover, and cover with a cloth and allow to cool 10 minutes, empty it into a container and move it constantly, keep adding vinegar until it is cold,keep it covered, place the makisu over the seaweed papers covers of rice and sprinkle sesame seeds and turn the seaweed paper and put on the top a thin layer of cream cheese, and strip of cucumber, oneof avocado and one of shrimp, and go rolling and pressing with the makisu until form rolls, and follow the same procedure with the other seaweeds. Damping (wet) the knife with water and cut the rollsinto 6 to 8 pieces and serve it accompanied by soy sauce with lemon juice to taste.
Hoy en día el sushi es un alimento que simboliza la cultura gastronómica japonesa y es una preparación recurrente entodos los restaurantes japoneses, pero hoy se sabe el sushi no sólo para el pescado crudo, también para el arroz sazonado con vinagre de arroz.

2 tazas de arroz para el sushi

2tazas de agua

75 ml de vinagre para el sushi

1 makisu (es una alfombra de bambú para sushi roll)

4 ponencias algas

½ taza de ajonjolí

Crema de queso

1 pepino sin semillas...
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