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Advanced Programming for the Java(TM) 2 Platform

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Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform

By Calvin Austin and Monica Pawlan November 1999 [CONTENTS] [NEXT>>]

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As an experienced developer on the JavaTM platform, youundoubtedly know how fast moving and comprehensive the platform is. Its many application programming interfaces (APIs) provide a wealth of functionality for all aspects of application and system-level programming. Real-world developers never use one or two APIs to solve a problem, but bring together key functionality spanning a number of APIs. Knowing which APIs you need, which parts of which APIs you need,and how the APIs work together to create the best solution can be a daunting task. To help you navigate the Java APIs and fast-track your project development time, this book includes the design, development, test, and deployment phases for an enterprise-worthy auction application. While the example application does not cover every possible programming scenario, it explores many common situationsand the discussions leave you with a solid methodology for designing and building your own solutions. This book is for developers with more than a beginning level of understanding of writing programs in the Java programming language. The example application is written with the Java® 2 platform APIs and explained in terms of functional hows and whys, so if you need help installing the Javaplatform, setting up your environment, or getting your first application to work, you should first read a more introductory book such as Essentials of the Java Programming Language: A Hands-On Guide or The Java Tutorial.

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Advanced Programming for the Java(TM) 2 Platform

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Chapter 1: Matching Project Requirements with Technology %Ï Project Requirements %Ï Choosing the Software Chapter 2: Auction HouseApplication %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï A Multi-Tiered Application with Enterprise Beans Entity and Session Beans Examining a Container-Managed Bean Container-Managed finder Methods

Chapter 3: Data and Transaction Management %Ï Bean-Managed Persistence and the JDBCTM Platform %Ï Managing Transactions %Ï Bean-Managed finder Methods Chapter 4: Distributed Computing %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï Lookup Services Remote MethodInvocation (RMI) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) JDBCTM Technology Servlets

Chapter 5: Java Native Interface (JNI) Technology %Ï JNI Example %Ï Strings and Arrays (2 of 4) [2001-6-13 8:07:37]

Advanced Programming for the Java(TM) 2 Platform

Other Programming Issues Chapter 6. Project Swing:Building a User Interface %Ï Components and Data Models %Ï Printing API %Ï Advanced Printing Chapter 7: Debugging Applets, Applications, and Servlets %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï Collecting Evidence Running Tests and Analyzing Servlet Debugging AWT Event Debugging Analyzing Stack Traces Version Issues

Chapter 8: Performance Techniques %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï %Ï Improving Performance by Design Connection PoolingPerformance Features and Tools Performance Analysis Caching Client/Server Applications

Chapter 9: Deploying the Auction Application %Ï Java Archive File Format %Ï SolarisTM Platform %Ï Win32 Platform Chapter 10: More Security Topics %Ï Signed Applets %Ï Writing a Security Manager Appendix A: Security and Permissions Appendix B: Classes, Methods, and Permissions Appendix C: SecurityManager Methods...
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