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The Perfect Family

The sky was as clear as a shiny blue crystal. I let the wind blow my hair out of my face, feeling its cold rush. The moon reflected on the ocean , showing its bright glow. It was the most amazing sight you could see. I stood up and brushed the sand off my navy jeans. I started to head towards the beach house , searching for that specific star that was always glaring atthe moon. My eyes wandered for a bit but I finally caught the star, shining brighter than ever. Everything was perfect. Nothing could ruin these days I’ve had with my dad. For a second, my mom crossed my mind. I haven’t thought about her in a while. I tried to forget her when she died , but it wasn’t easy trying to forget everything about her. I tried not to think of her smooth brown hair thatalways smelled like coconut, her small sensitive face that glowed in the sun., and her green tuna eyes. When she died two months ago, my dad blamed himself for her death. He says he knew it would happen and that he regrets fighting with her all the time. Honestly, I know he just said that to not tell me about her real death and to think he’s a bad father, but I know he isn’t, he’s the best dadin the world and I know he didn’t kill her like he said he did.

As I stepped on the porch steps, I heard the door slide open. “Hey, can I talk to you?” I looked up and watched as my dad slowly began to walk to a the rocking chairs on the left and sat down. He glanced at me. His hazel eyes were filled with worry. His pale face glittered like a vampires. His wavy black hair was pushed backwith what seemed with tons of gel. I sat on a rocking chair next to his. “What did you wan to talk to me about?” I asked. “Crystal, I don’t know how to tell you but, we’re moving away. Just for a little while. Just so I could straiten myself out. The music store is going out of business and I cant seem to get accepted in any other job. I know its going to be hard for you but you have to bestrong and know I’m only doing this for you.” I was speechless for more than five minutes and my dad was shifting in his chair, which probably meant he was getting uncomfortable. He wasn’t the kind of dad to sit down and have a conversation with his daughter about any topic. He was the kind of dad to play sports with and have fun.

“Dad?” I finally said. Are we moving because of mom?” He sighedand I knew it was because of her. I knew it wasn’t about the music store going out of business, or because we didn’t have money. It was all because of my moms death. I knew the moment I found out she was dead that nothing would be the same with my dad. My life is completely changing just because she made a stupid mistake. My heart started swelling up with anger. My dad knew I was upset with herdieing, but he also knew that I would get mad about it so he shouldn’t be surprised if I did something really stupid. I got up from my seat without thinking and dramatically stomped my way to the door. I didn’t know what I was angry about but all I knew was that she was ruining my life! Now I’m moving away from Rhode Island, where I grew up and probably starting a new life. I slid the door openand bolted to my room upstairs. I looked back just to see if my dad got up from the rocking chair, but he was still there. I climbed up and tripped on one of the steps, and hit my right knee on the end. Pain swelled in me but I tried not to show how much pain I was in. I stumbled when I got to the top of the stairs. I leaped with my left foot to my room and shut the door with a loud BANG! Stillleaping, I plopped myself on my bed. I covered my knee with my hands and swayed back and forth until the pain was fading away.

Tears formed in my eyes as I thought about what happened outside with my dad. I know I shouldn’t have done that, that will only make him feel worse. I felt guilt for all of it. I started to sob my way to the pillow. I don’t ever think I could stop crying with all...