Jealousy essay

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Explore how two poets write about the themes of jealousy and revenge

Jealousy is a feeling you can't control. It is when you want or wish what others have. sometimes you are so jealous that youonly think on revenge, how to make the other person feel as you do.

The first poem is called "Human Interest" by Carol Ann Duffy. The second one is "The Laboratory" by Robert Browing. The first oneis written recently. "The Laboratory" was written in the Ancien Regime. Carol Ann Duffy sets her poem in Jail and "The Laboratory" on a laboratory. "Human Interest" is about a man who feels jealousbecause his wife is cheating on gim. He decides to take revenge on her and stabs her. By consequence he ends up on jail. "The Laboratory" talks about a woman who is jealous about a woman that is datingthe man she is in love with. She decides to ask for a poison to a poisoner to kill the other woman slowly and painfuly.

I'm going to analise the poem starting from the form. Both poems aremonologues which means that they are spoken in the first person. They are written from the other gender's point of view. "The Laboratory" is written by man but is spoken by a woman and "Human Interest" iswritten by a woman and spoken by a man. In both poems the is some regularity in stanza lenght, I can apreciate the enjambement which means that there is no puntuation at the end of a vers. One of thedifferences between both poems is that Browing is using very regular rhymes and Duffy ends whymes but these are irregular. Also "The Laboratory" is much longer than "Human Interest". Now I'm going toanalise the content. Both poems are spoken in the first person "I stabbed. I felt this heat burn through my skull until reason had died". They are about a murder, about the thoughs of the person thatdid it or is going to. In "Human Interest", the man stabbed his wife and in "The Laboratory" a womn is asking for a posion to kill her rival. In both poems the main character are obsessed with...