Jean bodin

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Chapter 21 “Jean Bodin”

Nallely Vianey González Carreón
History of Political Tought

Chapter 21 “Jean Bodin”

The Republic might be described as a defense of politicalagainst parties. It formed the main intellectual production of an already growing body of moderate thinkers, known as the Politiques.
The thinkers Politiques saw in the royal power the mainstay of peaceand order who therefore sought to rise the king, as a center of national unity, above all religious sects
They were ampng the first who envisaged the possibility of tolerating several religionswithin a single state.
The Politiques commented the religious toleration as a policy rather than as a moral principle. They perceived that religious persecution was in fact ruinous and they condemnedit on this utilitarian ground.
Bodin’s political philosophy was a singular mixture of the old and the new, as all philosophical thought in the sixteenth century was.
Both law and politics, heinsisted, need to be studied not only in the light of history, but also in the light of men’s physical environment, of climate and topography and race.
“Philosophy, he says, dies on inanition in themidst of its precepts when is not vivified by history. He criticized Machiavelli for the omission of philosophy and
Chapter 21 “Jean Bodin”

attributed to this the immoral tendency of writings. Thisconception of political philosophy he derived from Aristotle, and must be admitted that Bodin conceived the task more broadly than any other writer of his time”. (Sabine, G. 1973. Page 374)
Bodinfirst considered the end of the sate and then the family, together with marriage, the relation of father and children, private property, and slavery, of all of which he regarded as aspects of thefamily.
The state he defined as a government of households; it is the pater familias who becomes a citizen, when he steps outside the house and acts in concert with the other heads of families. Bodin...
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