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Reality shows television is a genre in which shows what happens to real people emissions as opposed to fiction which shows what happens to fictional characters

There are three main types ofreality shows:
Bystander: the chamber passively observes the attitudes of a person or group of persons
Observer or hidden camera: camera look at people who know they are filmed

Reality TV competition:in this type of issues a group of people in a closed environment compete for a prize, while being continuously observed by the cameras
should be noted three characteristics of reality televisionShows a series of facts which, strictly, not be included within the categories of reality and fiction, but are the manifestation of a new way of being: the hyperreality television.

The actions ofthe guest characters usually based on facts relating to publicly display his private life

Requires the collaboration of non-professionals. The objective may be to strengthen interactivity betweentelevision and viewer

Recurrent patterns in reality shows
Survival rate: a heterogeneous group of persons is taken to a remote location without basic services, which must find their livelihood andmust compete for basic products

Type closure: a heterogeneous group of young men and women must live together for some time in a house, forming alliances and plotting schemes to not be expelled by avote of the viewers

on one hand the participation in the often perform reallitys people who only seek financial gain or a television role. Most of the contestants who are participating only seekprominence and cause uncomfortable situations to achieve win dicusiones and the public hearing and vote for them.
reality participants are exposed to numerous critics, both within the home and in themany dishes that come to speak tothe family, friends, enemies, former contestants ... And when they are already out answer to all these reviews on many winning dishes money.

On the other hand...
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