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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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One of the places I would like to visit someday because of its cultural heritage is Jerusalem. Before pointing my reasons of why I would visit this place, let’s talk a little about it.Jerusalem is known as “Holy City” because of the history it has. Its population is of over 763,800 people. Most of the residents in Jerusalem speak mainly Hebrew, but they also speak Arabic andEnglish. Jerusalem has a strong amount of places to visit and explore, and each one of those places has a story to tell. This is what Jerusalem holds in its insides.
Now, what are my reasons to want tovisit this place? Well, first of all here in “Holy City” we can visit the Western Wall which is one of the holiest sites which I would like to visit because of a belief people have. Every day, messagesare written on millions of pieces of papers and places into tiny crevices in the wall, in hope of getting a wish granted. Also, you can visit the Rockefeller Museum on which I have heard there’s alife like model of the ancient times of Jerusalem and I would like to experience how was it like to live in those ancient times. In this museum there’s also infinity amount of religious historicalcollections waiting to be seen. The main reason of why I want to visit Jerusalem is because you have the great opportunity to experience the most famous story of all which is the crucifixion of Jesus. InHoly City you can get a tour in the almost exact path where it is said that Jesus walked with his cross before his crucifixion and here you could follow the fourteen Stations of the Cross. These are mythree main reasons to want to visit Holy City.
To finish, every place has its “interesting” or something that captures most your attention and Jerusalem it’s not the exception. This city is anhistorical heritage and because of that it is under government control. It’s said that Jerusalem is mainly intact and conserved how it was left millions of years ago . This is because the constructions...