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Carnival is a public celebration that takes place immediately before the Christian lent, dated variable (late January to early march), which combines some elements such as costumes,parades and street parties. By extension are named some similar parties at any time of year. Despite the great differences that its conclusion presented in the world, their common characteristic is to bea period of permissiveness and a lack of control.

Aruba is an island of the Lesser Antilles, the westernmost of the group of leeward 25 km north of the Paraguana Peninsula, northwest of Venezuela,the southern Caribbean sea, east of the peninsula of la Guajira (Colombia) and just west of the island of Curacao. He was part of the Netherlands Antilles; although since 1 January 1986 is anautonomous country within the kingdom of the Netherlands.


According to estimates from 2011, Aruba has a population amounting to hundred six thousand one hundred thirteen habitants, with apopulation growth rate of 1.34%. 47% of the total population lives in urban areas, being the capital oranjestad, the most populous city (33.000habitants).

Carnival traditions

Carnival in Aruba isone of the most important festivals of the island, Arubans often refer to the carnival as bacchanal, a term based on the ancient celebrations of Greek and roman dedicated to Dionysus in the case ofthe Greeks and Bacchus in the case of the romans, the god of wine, vegetation and joy.
Aruba’s carnival is about cleansing the body of someone of their sins, like the historic celebrations and helpspeople of Aruba prepare for lent, the design concept of carnival official Aruba, as it is called, includes the topics of music, dance, colors, creativity, and joy.


Tourism is the mainstayof the Aruban economy small, the largest source jobs for the habitants of the island. The rapid growth in tourism during the 1990s has led to a substantial expansion of other economic activities....
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