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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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Jesus Is Jehovah!
By Dr. Kent A. Field, ( 1976

The following study is intended to clearly establish WHO Jesus was, is, and always shall be. What is interesting about this study is that it isdesigned to be used to demonstrate, beyond any debate, that Jesus IS Jehovah (YHWH), by comparing various Old and New Testament Prophecies and descriptions with their respective Fulfillment and quotations.And since this study has been written for the prayerful consideration of the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” organization, we will do this study using their “New World Translation”. Even though many other Bibletranslations won’t specifically use the name, “Jehovah”, the New World Translation does. This will only help clearly make the case for WHO Jesus IS! Therefore, this study is best completed when usingthe New World Translation, despite its many inaccuracies and mistranslations from any and all recognized ancient manuscripts.

1. Ex.3:14,15 – Jehovah is the Great “I Am” (The “Ego Eimi” of theLXX).
John 8:24, 58 – Jesus is the Great “I Am” (“Ego Eimi”).

2. Ex.20:10 – Jehovah is the Lord of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is Jehovah’s
Mark 2:28 – Jesus Is the Lord of the Sabbath!

3. Ex.31:13 –It is Jehovah Who sanctifies men.
1Cor.1:30 – It is Jesus Who sanctifies men.

4. Deut.10:17 – Jehovah is the Lord of Lords.
Rev.17:14 – Jesus is the King of Kings and the “Lord of Lords”!5. Ex.17:6 & Deut.32:3,4 & Isa.44:8 – Jehovah is the only Rock.
1Cor.10:4 & 1Cor.3:11 – Jesus was that Rock! And still is!

6. 1Kings 8:39 – Only Jehovah knows the hearts of all men.
Lk.5:22 &Jno.2:25 – Jesus knows the hearts of all men, (see also Jno.1:1-3,14 & Heb.4:12,13).

7. Neh.9:6,7 – The angels worship Jehovah.
Heb.1:6 – The angels worship Jesus.

8. Ps.24:10;29:3 – Jehovah isthe King, God and Lord of Glory.
1Cor.2:8 – Jesus is the Lord of Glory.

9. Ps.89:9,10 – Jehovah alone stills the sea.
Mt.8:23ff – Jesus stilled the sea.

10. Isa.8:12,13 – Do not fear men,...
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