Jetblue airways case

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Case Study
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JetBlue Airways, founded just over seven years ago, was created for one purpose: to provide low cost American flights good customer service.  Their dedication tothat goal made them one of the only profitable airlines since the 9/11 attacks, receive satisfaction rates that pummel their competitors.
David Neeleman, the founder and CEO of JetBlue built the wholecompany on the principle of customer service. A veteran of the airline industry, he knew this was the weak point in the market and built a brand around customer-oriented airline.  On top of that, hedoesn’t hide in some office. He gets out there and interacts with his staff, solving problems before they become noticeable to the average passenger.
The affectionate term given to JetBlue staff, AnnRhoades meets with them often to make sure the culture of JetBlue is understood at all levels of the company. Even the pilots get in on the action, making suggestions to improve efficiency, safety,and the happiness level of the crew.  JetBlue staff understands the value of treating customers like human beings with dignity and needs. Ann Rhoades is in charge of training all the staff.
JetBlue'sstrategy is developed around its core competencies. The company has benefited by being able to start with a clean slate. It has a last-mover advantage and its information technology infrastructure anduse has given JetBlue a sustainable competitive advantage.

 Starting with a clean slate gave Neeleman and President, COO David Barger the advantage of handpicking a management and supportive staffthat reflected their vision.

    JetBlue's management has numerous years of airline industry experience. The team members have catered to customers, they've been customers, and they have extensivebackgrounds on what it takes to be successful in the industry.

    In the early planning process, 20 members of JetBlue's management staff met for two days and settled on five core values:...
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