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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Innocent Voices

The last week, in Escenarios Class, our profesor showed us the movie “Innocent Voices” and it was so tragic but I think that the movie is so good representing the situation thatwas happening in the country, El Salvador.
But there was some things I didn't like about the movie, the first thing was the way the soldiers, is someone that is trained for the government to use heavyweaponry in a war (Hamilton, 2007), took the children of the schools to train them for the war; the second thing was the part were the soldiers took some kids that were escaping and shot them in thehead. But I liked that Chava faced all the problems that he and his family were having.

The thing is; I desagree the way of thinking of El Salvador’s army, is the land branch and largest of theArmed Forces of El Salvador (Hamilton, 2007), that all the children above 11 years old need to be trained for the war; I mean, the children need to enjoy their lives, to have fun and need to play withtheir friends, not to be in the war.

One part of the movie shows when 3 or 4 kids were running in the forest, is an area with a high density of trees (Bellamy, 1999), escaping from the war, but thesoldiers catch them and they do not give a chance to the kids to talk or to do something, they simply shot them in the head.

The good thing of the movie, was how Chava, that was the protagonist, isthe main carácter (Welter, 2010), of the movie, faced up to all kind of problems that he and his family were having, like that they were living in a house made of sheets of aluminium and the house wassituated in the middle of the war field; but also he had to take care of his little brother and sister, the time his mom was not in the house.

In conclusion I can say that the movie is very goodand I recommend it to everyone, it shows that in all the world are a lot of problems of war and the children are trained to be in the war because the majority of the population, is the group of people...
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