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  • Publicado : 12 de diciembre de 2010
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One doesn’t value things in life, until you loose them.

Fifteen years past, and I can still feel the pain of the smashing of the door on my arm. The glass of the windows breaking intopieces. Mom’s desesperate shouts, telling dad to stop the car.
Federico, was one year and a half, so little and innocent, quite a life waited him, and since then, it was completely ruined.
It was in themonth of September, in 1995, when mom and dad gave us the idea of going on a trip in by car, to Alaska.
I denied the idea and told them I was going to stay here, with my friends, as usual. “Goingfor a trip with my family? That wouldn’t be accepted in my friend’s group, it is for a baby program!” I thought. But an unexpected answer came from my mother’s mouth: “there are no discussions, youare coming with us.” I couldn’t believe what I had heard. “My mother telling me what to do, and where to go?”
So until the day of the departure, I didn’t talk a word with them. Any favorthey’ll asked me, I would answer it back with only one word: No.
I packed my clothes in my luggage, grabbed my walk-man, and got into the car.
It was the longest and bored trip I could have everhad. I couldn’t hear my Rolling Stone’s CD, because of my stupid dad, who had spent all the battery, the night before. So I didn’t have other alternate, than sleep or talk about something with momand dad.
The first word I said since we got in the car, was: “ How long does the trip last?”
“Almost one day” said mom.
I was getting furious each minute. I already wanted to be back home fromthat boring and ridiculous trip.
“Couldn’t we have gone in an airplane?” was my snob question. I knew we didn’t have the enough money to pay for four plane tickets, so why on earth I had to havequestioned that?
A potent discussion started ending my level of patience. Mom had a headache; Federico was shouting and crying; and dad trying to drive the car. I hated my stupid family. I hoped I...
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