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By William Monahan

Based on Infernal Affairs

Revisions: Yellow 5/23/05 Pink 05/20/05 Blue 05/18/05 New White 05/10/05

FADE UP ON THE SOUTH BOSTON HOUSING PROJECTS. A MAZE OF BUILDINGS AGAINST THE HARBOR. COSTELLO (V.O.) I don’t want to be a product of my environment. I want my environment to be a product…of me. YELLOW RIPPLES PASTTHE CAMERA AND WHEN IT CLEARS WE SEE THROUGH DIESEL SMOKE: A BUSING PROTEST IN PROGRESS. THE SCHOOL-BUS, FULL OF BLACK KIDS, IS HIT WITH BRICKS, ROCKS. N.B.: (THIS IS NOT SETTING THE LIVE ACTION IN 1974; IT IS A HISTORICAL MONTAGE, THE BACKGROUND FOR COSTELLO'S V.O.). INT. THE AUTOBODY SHOP. DAY. COSTELLO's profile passes in a dark room. COSTELLO (V.O.) Years ago, we had the Church. That was only away of saying we had each other. The Knights of Columbus were head-breakers. They took over their piece of the city. EXT. SOUTHIE. VARIOUS The neighborhood. 1980's. We won't be here long. This isn't where Costello ends up. It's where he began. Liquor stores with shamrocked signs. MEN FISHING near Castle Island. Catholic SCHOOLKIDS playing in an asphalted schoolyard. COSTELLO (V.O.) Twenty yearsafter an Irishman couldn't get a job, we had the presidency. That’s what the niggers don’t realize. If I got one thing against the black chaps it's this. No one gives it to you. You have to take it. INT. LUNCH COUNTER. DAY COSTELLO comes in. The shop is one that sells papers, sundries, fountain drinks...and fronts a bookie operation. YOUNG COSTELLO (leaning over cluttered counter) Don’t make me haveto come down here again.


2. CONTINUED: PROPRIETOR Won’t happen again, Mr. C. The frightened proprietor hands over money. Fifty bucks, a hundred, doesn’t matter. COSTELLO is never the threatener. His demeanor is gentle, philosophical. Almost a shrink’s probing bedside manner. He has great interest in the world as he moves through it. As if he originally came from a differentworld and his survival in this one depends on close continual observation and analysis. YOUNG COLIN looks up. CLOSE ON his eyes. fifteen, but small for his age. Bookish. He is fourteen or

COSTELLO eyes the proprietor’s TEENAGE DAUGHTER, working behind the counter. He takes a propane lighter, and, strangely, pays for it (the proprietor startled) and waits for change. He lights a MORE cigarette withthe lighter. YOUNG COSTELLO Carmen’s developing into a fine young lady. You should be proud. You get your period yet, Carmen? The PROPRIETOR is uneasy. COSTELLO turns to YOUNG COLIN (about 14) staring at the local hero. Costello reaches up above and behind the counter and takes down some cigarettes. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT’D) You Johnny Sullivan’s kid? COLIN nods. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) You livewith your grandmother? COLIN nods. Yeah. YOUNG COLIN

COSTELLO tells the Proprietor to takes three loaves of bread and some soup off the shelves and puts them in Colin’s bag. COSTELLO Get him three loaves of bread. And a couple of half gallons of milk. And some soup. He goes over to the fridge and puts two half gallons of milk in the bag. Some soup. Costello turns to Colin.


3.CONTINUED: (2) COSTELLO (CONT'D) Do you like comic books? Colin nods. He adds a couple of comic books.

When the PROPRIETOR looks at him, he takes out the money he put in his pocket and gives back half. YOUNG COSTELLO You do good in school? YOUNG COLIN nods, holding the big bag of loot. Yes. COLIN

YOUNG COSTELLO That’s good. I did good in school. They call that a paradox. He gives some moneyto Carmen. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT'D) Buy yourself some makeup. Keep the change. Looks intently at COLIN to see if he gets it. YOUNG COSTELLO (CONT’D) You ever want to earn a little extra money, you come by L street. You know where I am on L street. COLIN nods: everybody does. Thank you. YOUNG COLIN Colin does.

He pushes out with the bags of groceries. The PROPRIETOR can do shit about it. YOUNG...
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