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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2012
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Persuasive essay

If you will be again a baby that is inside of her mother, and the abortion is legal and your mother is considering making the act of abortion you will agree? .Abortion is an act of the devil says the religions, why? Because any person can’t take the live of other person or do whatever they want whit this person or baby. A person who makes the abortion doesn’thave a heart, because they are killing a person. For God that is a sin because the person that makes this act is killing a son of god.

Many religions don’t agree with abortion, because when ababy is in the body of the mother have a soul that was given by God. The religions also said that all the persons have the right to live and the only one that can take the live of a person is God. Otherimportant reason is that God creates all the persons. Every person in the world is a son of god, so any one can kill any son of god.

You can’t decide for the life of a human, there are many reasonswhy people want to make abortion to their babies. They will born without a father, sick, without body part or because the father of the baby are very young for taking care of a baby.

All thebabies that people don’t want can let them in a adoption house, because there is many people in the world that want a baby but they cant have one. If a mother that want to abort because she don’t want herbaby, she can take the baby when it is born to an adoptive house and will not be a bad act or a sin, because she is letting the baby to have an opportunity of a live with another family.

Abortioncause physical and psychological damages in the mother, for example in the abortion when they are making the process of getting the baby out the doctors make damages in the sexual reproductive organof the mother , trying to get out the baby of the mother and sometimes they damage the uterus or the vagina, so the reproductive organ will damage and she could never have a baby again. The abortion...
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