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  • Publicado : 4 de marzo de 2010
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NAME: Nicolas Cuervo
ACTIVITY: Reading Essay
TEACHER: Jorge Roncancio

Influence of Enlightenment on Colombian Independence

After renaissances ages inEurope, people started to get a new way of thinking more based in the reason and less in the beliefs or costumes that people had in the epoch, this ideologies did a new Europe less religious, with morecuriosity of knowledge and with an instinct of invention. But all those ideas also made a Europe with a different political view. People started to think, that if monarchy was the best system and whythey are not consider political, economy and social way in the community. So that gives way for “new people” know as philosophes. Philosophes started to think about human identity and human liberties,they stated to think in the equal of opportunities and equal trades, because of new ideas of change know as Enlightenment.

But if Enlightenment was a change of thinking of people epoch, what changesand effect did this phenomenon. All started in thinkers (philosophes), they started to think about human right, liberties, identity whatever. So that movement aloud people to get a clear idea ofwhat’s happening and what is wrong, people started revolutions.

Enlightenment brought many revolutions, but the more important are the scientific and French revolution. Scientific revolution brought newknowledge and inventions for human, scientist has a new vision based in reason and observation. And French revolution was the revolution that allowed people to get ideas of liberty aloud people toreject the government and sproud ideas of liberty and capitalism. But what does the enlightenment affect in America and South America? ...Well all starts in the scientific revolution when Europe empiresstarted to enjoy travels for discover new ways and routes of traveling. That expedition leader by colon finally result in t he discovery of America and a new important epoch on new colonization’s...
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