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1st Grade Unit 2: Actions in progress

Mime it!
You’re drinking soda. You’re eating a sandwich. You’re dancing tango.

You’re playing the piano.

You’re swimming.

You’re talking on thetelephone. You’re putting on your shoes.

You’re listening to classical music.

You’re washing the dishes.

You’re taking a photograph.

You’re singing opera.

You’re playing baseball.

You’reeating spaghetti.

You’re reading a book.

You’re running.

You’re watching a soccer match.

You’re drinking hot chocolate.

You’re writing an e-mail.

You’re studying.

You’re doingyour homework.

You’re watching TV.

You’re painting a house.

You’re playing basketball.

You’re washing your tennis shoes.

You’re washing a car.

You’re watching a rock concert.

You’resleeping in class.

You’re taking off your socks.

You’re making the bed.

You’re eating ice-cream.

DISEÑO La página está dividida en tres columnas de 10 filas. Los bordes son líneaspunteadas que sirven de guía para cortarlas. Debe haber además unas pequeñas tijeras en medio de la tabla y en la primera fila, para indicar el corte. Cada celda tiene una frase centrada en tinta blanca, yaque el fondo es obscuro.


ACTIVITY: Mime it! – Group work: speaking TIME: 40 minutes AIM: To guess the activities people are miming LANGUAGE: Function 2.2 Describing what people are doing atthe moment of speaking Grammar: Present continuous tense PROCEDURE Before class: Make a copy of the worksheet for every six to eight students in the class and cut it up as indicated. Each group willalso need a watch with a second hand. In class: 1. Introduce the verb to mime to students. Tell them you are going to mime an activity for them to guess what you are doing. 2. Choose one of thesentences from the worksheet and encourage students to guess what you are doing as you mime it. For example: You are eating spaghetti. Continue miming to elicit the complete sentence. Students should say...
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