Job market in mexico

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Job Market in Mexico

One of the problems that worry to the majority of the workers of the world is the uncertain opportunity to obtain and conserve an occupation due to the changes that the jobmarket that has undergone due to the globalization. In Mexico, on national scale, the job market excels, within the four types of jobs, primary with Secondary jobs; that is by the side of the laborsupply. followed by the primary jobs, including the export of agriculture and food production. As well as the gradual diminution of the rate of natural growth of the Mexican population, that of 3.35%annual in 1970 would have descended to 2.48% in 1988 and only 1.66% in the year 2000. As such, its standard of living, as measured in GDP in PPP per capita was US $13,200 increasing almost 60% over thelast decade.

Mexico counts on a market of highly heterogenous work, in which a labor force of almost 40 million people, approximately 50%, develop activities within the international sector. Thegrowth of the labor force has been placed by several decades and rates superiors to the usual annual 3% adding to the original 24%, approximately 38.09 million, and thus raise pressures to the economyin the matter of generation of jobs. On the other hand, Mexico experiences migratory flows of labor character due to the high structural unemployment and a low minimum wage, being only 59.82 mexicanpesos, in effect the annual exit of approximately 200,000 people in search of work to the United States of America.

Unemployment rates are the lowest of all OECD member countries at 3.2 percent.However, underemployment is estimated at 25 percent. Seen that the unemployment is relatively low, it does not constitute a suitable indicator the misalignments between supply and demand of work,which are reflected in the growth of phenomenon of the unmannerliness. After a period in which the industrial activities and of urban services showed a strong dynamism and absorbed to an important part...
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