Job satisfaction

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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2011
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Assignment 4

Job Satisfaction

People find it necessary to be under favorable conditions at their job.

Although workers may seem to be far too demanding, it is essential to feel wellwhen working, so there are several factors which are indispensable in a job.

Some of the most important ones are having a supportive boss and colleagues,

convenience of location, and flexibleworking hours.

As regards the first one, I think it is the main priority as they are our

company many hours a day, and they may help to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Your business may sufferif you are constantly having arguments with your

partners and offending each other, so having a good relationship with them is

essential to ensure that arguments do not interfere with thesuccess of the job.

Considering convenience of location, for me it is important to bear in mind

that people living far from work spend a lot of money and time to get there.

This makes a personnervous, and does not help to have a healthy lifestyle. It is

also more frequent for them to arrive late, and this could turn against the

development of their profession. Time spent in gettingto work could be

otherwise dedicated to family or to rest, and could make the employee arrive

satisfied at work.

Finally, another factor that would give us job satisfaction is flexibleworking

hours. Being able to arrange timetables according to the needs of the
employees allows them to do other activities; they can have another job, study,

dedicate time to family or have timeto do activities for their own pleasure, as

doing a sport. It would also reduce absenteeism, as they can organize their

private matters as they need.

I think those three are the mainpriorities needed at work. Although they

are difficult to achieve, having a supportive boss and colleagues, convenience of

location and flexible working hours are factors that an employee could...
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