Job satisfaction

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  • Publicado : 19 de junio de 2011
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Your Position in the Company

1) Which of the following best describes your position in the company?

A) ManagementB) Mechanic
C) Sales representative
D) Administrative Suport
E) Junior

2) Which department do you work in?

A) Humanresources
B) Corporate Management
C) Marketing
D) Sales
E) Car Services

3) How long have you been with the company?A) less than a year
B) 1-3 years
C) 4-6 years
D) 7-10 years
E) 11 or more years

Your Job at Automotora Goma4) How satisfied are you with your job at Automotora Goma?

A) Very Satisfied
B) Satisfied
C) Neutral
D) Dissatisfied
E) Very Dissatisfied5) How committed are you to a long-term career at Automotora Goma?

A) I am fully committed to a long-term career at Automotora Goma
B) I amsomewhat committed to a long-term career at Automotora Goma
C) I am not sure how long I plan to stay at Automotora Goma
D) I would prefer not to remain at Automotora GomaHow would you rate your job at Automotora Goma in each of the areas below?

Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor
6) About your salary
7) Havingwhat you need to do your job
8) Ability to have an to impact
9) Receiving supervision and feedback
10) On the job training
11) Opportunities for personaldevelopment
12) Opportunities for advancement
13) Teamwork within your department

Company Ratings

14) How likely would you be to refer a friend to...
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