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Isabel Nicolau 5°A

-A preliminary work or construction that serves as a plan from which a final product is to be made.
-Such a work or construction used in testing or perfecting a finalproduct.
-A schematic description of a system, theory, or phenomenon that accounts for its known or inferred properties and may be used for further study of its characteristics.
-A style or designof an item.
-One serving as an example to be imitated or compared.
-Bohr model, show the atom as a small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by electrons that travel in circular orbitsaround the nucleus, similar in structure to the solar system, but with electrostatic forces providing attraction, rather than gravity.
-Rutherford model contained the new features of a relativelyhigh central charge concentrated into a very small volume in comparison to the rest of the atom and with this central volume also containing the bulk of the atomic mass of the atom.

-Aexplanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment.
-Scientists create scientific theories from hypothesesthat have been corroborated through the scientific method.
-Scientific theories are inductive in nature and do not make apodictic propositions; instead, they aim for predictive and explanatory force.-A scientific theory is related to the diversity of phenomena it can explain, which is measured by its ability to make falsifiable predictions with respect to those phenomena.
-Is different fromthe word "theory" in common usage, which implies that something is unproven or speculative.
-Einstein constructed a system in which both observations were either correct or approximatelycorrect, by altering the equation for the Galilean transformation such that it became less accurate as speed approached the speed of light.
-Dalton went further and asserted that all matter and not...
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