Joe simpson

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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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Joe simpson, the british mountaineer, is someone i really admire.

They made a documentary called touching the void about his terrible

experience in the Peruvian andes. Ithappened in 1985 when he was climbing in

the andes with his friend , simon Yates, there was a big storm on the mountain

and they had an awful accident. Joe broke his leg verybadly and could´n walk –

he was in terrible pain.

Simon tried to help joe down the mountain on a rope, but, after a while joe´s

weight becametoo heavy for simon . it wasnighttime and very cold.

Simon made the difficult decision to cut the rope and joe fell into a really deep

crevasse. Simon thought he was dead and had to leave Him there.Amazingly,

,joe managed to find a way out of the crevasse and then crawled down the

mountain to the camp. He had no food and had to suervive in freezing

temperatures. It took himthree days to reach the camp and luckily his friend

was still there simon heard someone shouting his name near his tent. He went

outside and found joe - what an amazing story!But that´s not the end of

joe´s story. A experiences have made him stronger- since then he´s written

several books, including storms of silence, this game of ghosts and ,of course,

touching the void . he´s the kind of person who always looks for new

challenges. He often gives talks and interviews and he´s got really strong views

on a rangeof issues, which I really respect. I love his enthusiasm and his

passion and he´s done so much for mountain climbing. What I really like about

him is his courage anddetermination. On that mountain he refused to give up

and die. He was a fighter then and he´s still a fighter now. He´s definitely my

sort of person . in my opinion he´s a real- life hero.
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