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John Adams: Legacy and Ideology
John Adams, one of the most important figures in American history, a founding father that worked only by law, and believe that you have to measure your action by fact and evidence also he was the first to put on a constitution the idea of a separation of power and the freedom and equality of men. This is part of his legacy, and the objective of this essay is torecount, analyze, and explore the ideology and legacy of John Adams.
When one discusses John Adams, it’s important to comprehend his background. Raised by his father a deacon, cobbler, and farmer, Adams believed that he had an obligation to his puritan heritage. One of the more important values of his past was a “holy urgency” to protect freedom. Is because of this priority that slavery wasabhorred by him and all of his family which never owned a slave, although Adams didn’t felt comfortable with any form of servitude, his family employed free Negroes nonetheless.
When Adams turned 16 he went to Harvard to study the subject that will rule his life and thus participate in the birth of a nation, law. After his graduation, his reputation as a lawyer was formed and he believed himself agreat judge of character. He used his bases in interpretations of law to outspokenly disagree with the Stamp Act, a tax on official documents, Adams said that two basic Englishmen rights were being violated; these were the fact of being taxed without consent and not been tried by jury of one’s peers. His reputation reached all colonies and King George III himself after defending the soldiersinvolved in the Boston Massacre (1770), and giving a fair trial according to the law. With this he won the respect of many of the people on the Massachusetts colony including his cousin Samuel Adams who was, with his sons of liberty, one of the most proactive characters in the anti English craze that created the Boston Massacre, and he was one of the persons who recommended John Adams for a seat in thefirst and second continental congresses in 1774, there, Adams propose Washington as commander in chief of the continental army in 1775 and in May of 1776 Adams persuaded congress to adopt independent government and form a committee with Jefferson, Franklin, Livingston and Sherman, to draft the declaration of independence.
John Adams was many things, founding father, lawyer, statesman, politicaltheorist and diplomat, the latter can be debatable. While his diplomatic missions in the Netherlands were successful, although that also can be debatable because the loans and credit were made when the war of independence was won, and he had come to the Netherlands before the end of the war and was denied any credit. Before the Netherlands, Adams went to France to help Benjamin Franklin negotiate analliance; this was an extremely poor choice, because Adams’s ideology was the exact opposite to the ideology of French aristocracy, he believe that no French person comprehended or cared about their war, this was another excuse for France to attack England from another angle, in their never ending struggle, and the fact that he arrived after an extremely rough journey through the Atlantic to bewelcomed with the news that a treaty was already in place didn’t help. To Adams this journey was entirely pointless, and he became face to face with everything that he reprobates, he believed that wasting time in such fashion was an insult to his fellow countrymen. After the end of war he became the first American ambassador to Great Britain, this gave way to without a doubt one of the most awkwardmoments in Adams’s life, the first meeting with King George III, which had respect for Adams, and was encourage by knowing that Adams wasn’t very fond of the French, and when asked this Adams said “I have no attachment but to my own country” (McCullough, 2002), and this proves again that Adams was not great at being a diplomat, he was as outspoken as he was well-spoken, but if he disagreed...
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